Why is it important to comply with HIPAA?

comply with HIPAA

HIPAA commonly known as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is a very important legislative law in the health care industry. This act came into existence in 1996 and was brought by Congress in U.S to improve the efficiency of health care organizations and same time it protects the valuable information of the patient’s health records. There are many reasons why HIPAA compliance is essential to a successful medical practice today. Here we will discuss with you why it is important to comply with HIPAA.

comply with HIPAA
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1. Promotes Personal and Societal Values

HIPAA enhances the privacy and confidentiality of an individual’s health care and personal data while at the same time it is very effective to improve the efficiency of the health care systems. The privacy supports the fundamental values that include:-

  • Individuality
  • Respect and dignity
  • Ability to make personal health decisions

2. Provides More Transparent Healthcare

When individuals know that their health records are safe, secure and confidential then they are more likely to be transparent with their providers about specific health concerns.

3. Noncompliance is Expensive

Any health care organization that does not comply with HIPAA guideline are fined with heavy penalties and this penalty has been raised from $25,000 to $1.5 million per violation annually. With the advancement in technology, hackers and fraudulent persons can get valuable information about the patients that may be more costly than your practice can afford.

4. New Breach Notification Rules Expose More Breaches

The federal government is cracking down on HIPAA breaches, with new codes that make it easier to trigger federal investigations.

5.  Anyone Can Easily Get Access to Their Personal Data

Under HIPPA, any individual or patient gets complete access to a copy of their health care records and personal data so that they can examine it and can request for changes if needed. This is a given right and no institution can deny that.

6. HIPAA Allows You to Deem Who May Speak on Your Behalf

Whenever you think if an individual needs to communicate in your behalf then he or she can easily represent you on your behalf. Patient or an individual can choose as many people as you want to be your voice.

7. Protects Patients Data and Their Confidentiality

HIPAA was not only designed to improve the efficiency of the health care system but it was also brought into action to protect the health care information of the patient. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act also allows individual to control the types of people their health data is shared with.

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